Responsibility from bean to cup


Sustainable Coffee is at the heart of what we do. Today, we’re one of the largest purchasers of Organic and Fairtrade labelled coffee in the world.


Our environmental and social responsibility is important to us. We’ve spent over 100 years working to improve the situation for coffee growers and the environment, and will continue to do so unquestionably.

For us it’s obvious that whilst coffee has got to taste great, it should also make a positive impact on our world. Our sustainability work permeates everything we do, both at home and in cultivating countries. It’s about reducing our own impact on the environment whilst also helping coffee growers to face climate change and improve their living conditions. We’re working on this in several ways, for the benefit of now and the next generation of coffee lovers.



Our coffee, your choice in certification.


We’re actively working to increase the supply and demand for coffee from certified crops. In 1995, we imported the first organic coffee container to Sweden, and today we’re one of the world’s largest purchasers of Organic and Fairtrade-labelled coffee. Because our entire product range has a label, it’s easy for you as the consumer to make a difference – by simply choosing Löfbergs you’re helping to give back to the environments and communities who grow our coffee.

From visiting many of the 40,000 coffee farmers who grow the beans we buy, we see with our own eyes the positive impact that certifications can bring. To name a few, the situation for women is strengthened, the conditions for children’ education are improved, the supply of healthy food is secured, and the knowledge regarding organic farming is increased.



Through our development projects, we help coffee growers around the world improve their conditions so that they can grow better coffee and live a better life. We recently started the initiative ‘Next Generation Coffee’ – a venture designed to get more young people in developing countries to see a positive future in coffee farming. Through education and direct trade, we’re able to improve the development opportunities for the next generation of coffee growers, whilst ensuring the availability of high quality coffee in the future.



For more information about the sustainability work of the wider Löfbergs Coffee group, click here : Lofbergs_Sustainability_Report_1920_38279