Responsibility from bean to cup

It’s easy for businesses to talk about being climate conscious and ethically minded. For us, it’s more than just buzzwords. We’ve built the long-term strategy of our business to align with the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The three key SDGs of focus are:

Transparency ∙ Long-Term Trust ∙ Commercial Grounds

Our 2030 KPIs to help achieve these include:

  • 100% circular and zero waste
  • All packaging will be produced using renewable or recyclable plastics
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Support to over 100,000 small-scale farmers through development projects and group initiatives
  • 50% of management roles to be held by females


For more information about the sustainability work of the wider Löfbergs Coffee group, click here : Lofbergs Sustainability Report 2020-2021