About us

A coffee that is adored all over the world, now served in the UK.
Whilst a good cup of coffee can lift your day, an exceptional cup of coffee can take it to new heights! With more than 100 years’ experience roasting great tasting coffee, our sole purpose is to offer you an outstanding coffee experience. This is why so many businesses around the world choose the trusted Löfbergs beans.
At our coffee roasting house in Karlstad, Sweden, we’ve been doing things differently since 1906, but one thing has always been constant – our passion for coffee. It’s about the joy of working with one of the largest commodities in the world; a raw material that brings so much pleasure to so many people. That joy and passion have made us an important leading player in the Nordic market.

We also want to share our passion and knowledge about coffee with you. So if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

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