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About us

We’ve been doing things the Löfbergs way since 1906. If we can improve our coffee, or change the way we work for the benefit of people and the planet, we do it.

We don’t mind being different because we believe that’s what gives us, and our customers, the power to make a difference in the world. Just like our coffee, it’s a great reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Our story began in 1906 in the small Swedish town of Karlstad. Anders, John and Josef – the three Löfberg brothers – were unhappy that Karlstad was reliant on the cheap vodka trade. So, being Löfbergs, they decided to do something different and sell coffee instead.

Their venture was a success, and Löfbergs quickly grew into an established business. A lot may have changed over the years, but Karlstad is still our home. It’s where we roast the equivalent of 10 million cups of coffee every day, which are then enjoyed all around the world.

Our history

1906 – It all begins with the Löfberg brothers

Anders, John and Josef Löfberg start importing and selling kaffe in Karlstad – just a stone’s throw from our current head office.

1911 – We’re ready for rostning

We begin roasting our very own coffee, and around the same time, the phenomenon of fika sweeps across Sweden.

1920s – A lovely shade of lila

Löfbergs adopts its iconic purple packaging, and our most popular product is aptly nicknamed ‘Löfbergs Lila’.

1960s – Karlstad gets a new landmark

As Löfbergs continues to grow, we open a new roastery to meet demand. Due to its size and central location, it’s quickly called a ‘coffee scraper’.

1980s – Taking kaffe to cafés

We start providing Löfbergs directly to businesses like hotels, restaurants and cafés, laying the foundations to become the market leader of the future.

1990 – Löfbergs around the värld

We begin exporting our coffee to new international markets. Today, half our coffee is exported, and we have offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Latvia and the UK.

1995 – Sweden goes organic

We import the first organic coffee into Sweden. Today our range is 100% certified sustainable, and we’re one of the largest buyers of organic and Fairtrade coffee.

2001 – Supporting small-scale farmers

We co-found the International Coffee Partners (ICP), to improve development opportunities and living conditions for small-scale coffee growers.

2012 – Löfbergs loses the ‘Lila’

We drop the name coined in the 1920s and return to simply being called Löfbergs. But purple stays close to our hearts, with the colour trademarked in some countries.

2021 – A birthday to remember

On 1st July, our 115th birthday, we open our state-of-the-art whole bean roastery in Karlstad. It’s a big investment, designed to set us up for the next 115 years to come!