About us

It all began in 1906…in the small Swedish town of Karlstad. The three Löfbergs brothers – Anders, John and Josef – wanted to make a difference. They were unhappy seeing their community becoming more and more reliant on cheap vodka and so decided to start selling coffee.

Happily for the brothers, not to mention the health of the people of Karlstad, Löfbergs coffee was a hit and what had started as a small idea quickly grew into an established business.

Today, Löfbergs roasts the equivalent of 10 million cups of coffee every day in our state-of-the-art roastery (which we’ve built in Karlstad) and is sold in 18 different markets. We’re one of the world’s largest buyers of organic and Fairtrade certified coffee and our pioneering circular initiatives make us one of the most sustainable businesses in coffee.

And we’re still a family-owned business.