Sanremo Verde Coffee Machine

Sanremo Verde

Sanremo Verde Coffee Machine

The coffee machine that sustains the environment by giving coffee a second chance


Sanremo Verde is designed with cutting edge technology yet special environmental attention to raw materials with super efficient energy saving functionality. The cover panels are made with coffee grounds and other 100% natural components. Even the steam knobs and handles are made from recycled wooden pallets.


The Sanremo Verde machine features are:

  • Hot water can be programmed electronically
  • Mixed water
  • Electronic automation level
  • Copper boiler and pipes
  • Automatic boiler refill
  • Electronic coffee counter
  • Power on light
  • Single double-scale pressure gauge
  • Height adjustable feet
  • Built in volumetric pump
  • Pre-infusion selection
  • Static relay for the boiler’s temperature set up
  • Cup warmer


An external volumetric pump is also available on request.


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