Coffee Queen Mega Gold Brewer

Coffee Queen Mega Gold Brewer

Coffee Queen Mega Gold Brewer

Coffee Queen Mega Gold Brewer brews straight into an elegant 2.5 litre serving station (thermos) with tap and level indicator tube. Since no external heat is supplied, the coffee retains its excellent taste and aroma for a long time.


Coffee Queen Mega Gold Brewer serving station fits into all possible environments, and is quick and easy to handle. Lift the serving station off the brewer and put it wherever you want to serve the coffee. You can also specially design display covers for the serving stations, for easy indication of the coffee that is served. Simple and really neat!


Coffee Queen Mega Gold Brewer is available with both manual and automatic water filling. The automatic brewers with a water supply have electronic timers and a signal when the coffee is ready. The brewing volume, 4-17 cups, is easy to adjust from the front of the machine. One 2.5 litre serving station is included with both models. Coffee brewers with automatic water refilling are provided with a connection hose for the water.


CAPACITY: App. 17 cups in 7 min = about 17 litre/h TECHNICAL DATA Power supply: 230V 1N / 4400W Water connection: cold water 1/2˝ R (Mega Gold A)

DIMENSIONS: W: 205 mm D: 390 mm H: 640 mm

ACCESSORIES: Extra serving station display covers which can be personalized to your company.


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