WMF 5000S Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

WMF 5000S

WMF 5000S Bean to Cup Coffee MachineFor up to 250 cups per day

New technology makes us feel we can live life faster. We’re no longer prepared to wait. We expect instant gratification- the products we order, instantly delivered.

With the WMF 5000S, it is precisely this need we are addressing: We’ve developed a machine that packs the performance capacity of a large, fully-automated office coffee machine into a slim, sleek appliance. With the WMF 5000S, we are offering an office coffee machine that not only makes fantastic office coffee, but produces consistently high quality faster- and is easy to use, to boot.


Product Specification
Cups Per DayUp to 250 cups a day
Power3.3 kW / 220-240 V
Width325 mm
Height706 mm
Depth590 mm
Hoppers3 hoppers


Enquire now for the WMF 5000S Bean to Cup Coffee Machine or call us on 020 8965 7117


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