WMF 1200F Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

WMF 1200F

WMF 1200F coffee machineFor up to 180 cups per day

Even filtered coffee tastes best when it is made using freshly ground beans. And this is precisely where the WMF 1200F comes in: It perfectly prepares both individual cups and large volumes of filtered office coffee using freshly ground beans- and in double- quick time,too.

For example, it can brew 0.5 litres in only 65 seconds and therefore makes it possible to quickly fill large coffee mugs or insulated jugs in a short period of time. Using the optional quantity brewing arm, the coffee can be dispensed into large insulated pots.

This flexibility makes it a joy to use. Whether it is used as additional equipment for a speciality machine, to make coffee for breakfast or to provide coffee for large meetings and many guests- the WMF 1200F always dispense outstanding filtered coffee.


Product Specification
Cups Per DayUp to 180 cups a day
Power3.4 kW/ 220- 240 V
Width324 mm (with brewing arm + 48 mm) mm
Height682 mm *(height measured with bean hopper, with lock but without key)
Depth600 mm
HoppersUpto 2 hoppers


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