Bean to Cup WMF Bistro Coffee Machine

WMF Bistro

Bean To Cup WMF Bistro Coffee MachineFor up to 80 cups per day

State of the art engineering, and looks about as impressive as a coffee machine can get and effortlessly handles around 120 staff, the new WMF Bistro’s coffee machine lifestyle look clearly sets it apart from the appearance of conventional machines. A design that reflects the trend of the times in any setting. No matter which colour you choose for the illumination: now for the first time, all the shades can be selected via the display, just as you wish.

High-volume requirements can be handled without any problems in the shortest time and with top-quality results. And when it comes to the range of drinks on offer, it goes without saying that the WMF Bistro coffee machine is among the best on the market. Foamed-milk drinks can be prepared using different methods. The Basic Milk version using the integrated milk foamer. The Active Milk version, whereby the machine automatically prepares milk drinks and frothy milk drinks, whether hot or cold. Moreover, both versions can be combined with different steam systems.

Each time you use the WMF Bistro coffee machine, you will appreciate it’s quality and well thought-out ergonomics, as more design also means more functionality and intuitive operation.

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