Red Ecolsierra Coffee

Red Ecolsierra Coffee

Red Ecolsierra Coffee

Red Ecolsierra, a coffee cooperative near the Caribbean coast of northern Colombia, cultivates extremely high-quality beans that are full of body and flavour, with a surprisingly low acidity for Colombian coffee. The bright floral notes are softened with hints of honey sweetness and ripe plums.


Red Ecolsierra Coffee Details:


Country: Colombia

Region: Sierra Nevada

Cooperative: Red Ecolsierra

Aroma: slightly buttery with hints of red berries

Taste: A full-bodied, well balanced coffee with floral notes leaving a sweet taste sensation of honey and plums.

Process: The wet method, sun-dried (including under parabolic tents). Harvest time: Dec-Jan.

Altitude: 900-1450 masl.

Main Varieties: Typica, Caturra, Colombia

Contents: 100% Arabica. Whole coffee beans. Fair-trade and EU Organic certified.

Red Ecolsierra Coffee Goes Well With: Sweet and fruity pastries and desserts. Also excellent with cognac, calvados, grappa and aged rum.


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