Mountain High Coffee

Mountain High Coffee

Mountain High Coffee

Powerful with fresh fruitiness.


Mountain High is an incredibly well-balanced and flavoursome coffee, and is effortlessly easy to like. The beans are reminiscent of Colombian coffee, with a real fullness and fruity acidity.


Until recently, Peru was relatively unknown as a coffee-producing country, but has now made its name amongst professional coffee connoisseurs. The coffee comes from places such as Catamarca, to be found in remote high areas along the eastern slopes of the Andes. Typically, the farmers are of American Indian origin and with small farms between them, the majority have combined to form cooperatives with Fairtrade certification.


As well as Peruvian beans, Mountain High also contains coffee from Central America’s Honduras. These ‘Strictly High Grown’ beans are of the highest quality, so named because they’re cultivated at an altitude of more than 1300 metres. No artificial fertilisers or pesticides are used and the coffee beans are Organic and Fairtrade labelled.


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Country: Peru, Honduras.

Regions: Cajamarca, Montecillo.

Cooperative: Small-scale family farms in cooperatives.

Aroma: Flowery.

Taste: Full-bodied with fresh fruitiness, leaving an intense taste sensation.

Process: The washed method. Sun-dried on open terraces and beneath parabolic tents.

Altitude: 1300 – 1800 masl.

Main varieties: Caturra, Catuai, Typica, Pacas.

Contents: 100% Arabica. Whole coffee beans. Fairtrade and EU Organic certified.

Goes well with: Pastries and desserts of chocolate, almond and nuts. Excellent with calvados and aged rum.


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