For over a hundred years, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop and refine our Fairtrade and Organic coffee, creating a profile and quality that’s unique to the Löfbergs name.

Involved in every aspect of the coffee making process, we’re able to draw on the knowledge of the generations before us so that we can adapt to changing weather, temperature and other external conditions. This means the fairtrade coffee we produce remains unique and consistent.

Good coffee is a true craft. It starts with selecting and handpicking the finest coffee berries on green Andean mountain slopes, Mount Kenya’s slopes or other exciting places around the equator. This is about long traditions, unique skills and lots of love. This is how the journey begins.


The coffee then travels by boat and train all the way into our roastery. This continues the craft. We grind the coffee to enhance the character and the flavors. And just like at the coffee farmers and their families we do it with lots of love and respect for the coffee bean.



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