Barista Training


Löfbergs has been in the coffee business for more than a hundred years and has gained a lot of knowledge along the way – we’d love to share it with you. We offer barista training for small businesses right through to large companies, helping coffee amateurs to become competing baristas.

The training sessions can take place wherever is most convenient for you, whether it’s in our West London Showroom and Training space or at your own sites.

Our training sessions comprise a variety of different levels and subjects, ranging from the very basics of making coffee, to more advanced programs where you can become a fully-fledged barista or a professional with a diploma from the SCA.


In addition to this, we can offer courses on brewing, cupping and sensory skills, and are also able to arrange tailor-made programs depending on your particular needs or requirements.

If you are interested in remote barista training, our e-learning academy is a great online tool available for training larger groups.

Available courses:

  • Löfbergs Basic Barista Course (all day)
  • Löfbergs Artisan Barista Course (all day)
  • Löfbergs Cupping and Sensory (4h)


For a good introduction to our barista training basics, read our manual on Coffee & Craft.