Those who truly love coffee agree on the significance of long-term sustainability. This insight permeates our entire business. We’ve been one of the world’s largest importers of Organic and Fairtrade certified coffee for a long time, and one of our greatest challenges now is to secure a strong future for coffee. This is why we’re working on tackling climate change as well as developing and supporting the next generation of coffee farmers.


For generations, the Löfbergs family has been in close contact with our coffee farmers. We see the zeal, commitment and passion during our meetings on distant mountain slopes, but we also see that there are plenty of challenges. As climate change takes it toll and fewer young people are attracted by working as a grower, the future of coffee is fragile. We want to change that. We’re incredibly passionate about Next Generation Coffee; through education and direct trade we are improving the development opportunities for the next generation of coffee farmers in Colombia and Tanzania. We’re also securing the supply of high quality coffee for the future, to delight the next generation of coffee lovers, all over the world.

For more information, click here to reach the Next Generation Coffee website.