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Doing the right thing
from bean to cup

We care about the future just as much as we care about savouring the moment with a tasty cup of coffee.

So we respect the people we work with and the planet at every stage of producing Löfbergs – aiming to be sustainable, fair and inclusive in everything we do.

Committed to sustainable kaffe

We buy our coffee directly from the countries where it’s grown, cutting out the middleman to support local economies.

Our range of coffee is 100% certified sustainable.

We’re one of the world’s largest buyers of organic and Fairtrade coffee.

So far, our development projects have helped over 105,000 small-scale coffee growers.

We use fossil-free fuel to roast our coffee, and climate-friendly packaging.

We’ve reduced our climate impact by 73% since 2005. And we won’t stop there.

Read all about it

Even though Löfbergs is growing, our impact on the climate is decreasing. Discover what we’re doing and the goals we’re working towards in our sustainability report.

No waste. No time to waste.

We aim to be 100% circular (or cirkulär as we call it) by 2030. That means no waste from any part of Löfbergs’ production, 100% recycled packaging, cutting out all fossil fuels to achieve net-zero emissions, and reducing the climate impact where it’s biggest – at the coffee-growing stage.

Better for people. Better for the planet.

Human rights and the health of the planet are closely connected, which is why we work with small-scale farmers to improve sustainability and their local communities. Over 98% of our products are Fairtrade, organic or Rainforest Alliance certified – and we aim to increase this to 100% by 2025.

Making a difference. Celebrating our differences.

We want everyone to feel at home at Löfbergs, no matter who they are or what their background. Making sure our team reflects society is the right thing to do, and it’s also better for business. When people are free to be themselves and free from discrimination, it frees them up to make a difference.