For your mocha:


How to make this indulgent choklad treat at home



Espresso machine / Bean-to-cup machine / Pod machine



Coffee beans / pod


Hot chocolate powder

Milk or milk alternative

Optional: Dark chocolate (and a hand grater)


  1. Fill your kettle with water (ideally freshly filtered) and boil.
  2. Mix 2 teaspoons of hot chocolate powder and a splash of freshly boiled water (roughly 50ml) in your cup, until fully dissolved.
  3. Steam (foam) your favourite milk or milk alternative using your coffee machine. You should aim for a temperature of about 65°c, when the milk should have dense bubbles and the texture of melted ice cream.
  4. No milk steamer on your coffee machine? You can get a similar effect by warming the milk in a pan, adding to a cafetière, then pumping the plunger until the volume doubles in size.
  5. Pour the warmed milk into your cup. Grate some dark chocolate over the top for the authentic kafé feel. Or get creative and add toppings of your choice!
  6. Enjoy! For the full fika experience, remember to add cake and good company.