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Getting the very best from a V60

For those of you who haven’t heard, a V60 is a manual device for making pour over (or filter) coffee. It’s designed to be easy to use while delivering a delicious brew – here’s how we recommend you use one.

What you’ll need:


V60 filter paper


Kitchen Scale

Ground coffee

Step by step:

  1. Fold your filter along the seam to make a cone, then put it into your V60. Place the V60 on top of your cup.
  2. Pour some hot water through your V60 and then discard it (this step will heat everything up nicely and rinse the filter paper).
  3. Put your ground coffee into the V60 and gently shake it flat – we recommend using 15g of Löfbergs and 250ml of water per cup. Following this pour 10% of the total brewing water volume over the coffee, allowing it to ‘bloom’ (this means releasing its CO2, increasing in size and making small bubbles).
  4. Slowly pour the remaining water over the coffee, avoiding the sides of the filter. Pouring in concentric circles is a great teknik! This step should take up to 90 seconds in total.
  5. Let the coffee drip through until finished, which should take a maximum of 3 minutes. Enjoy!