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How to make the bäst brew with your Chemex

Chemex is a great technique for scaling up the amount of coffee you’re making. Whether you drink several cups to yourself or are having friends round for fika, here’s our recommended process for the perfekt brew.

What you’ll need:


Chemex filter paper


Kitchen scale

Ground coffee

Step-by-step to Chemex success:

  1. Fold the filter paper and place it into your Chemex. Pour over enough hot water to fully saturate the paper and allow it to drain into the bottom. Then discard the water…but don’t remove the filter paper!
  2. Place your Chemex (with washed filter paper) on your kitchen scale, then reset it to zero. Add your ground coffee. A good rule of thumb is to use 60g of coffee per litre of water. So, if you’re making half a litre, you’ll need 30g of ground coffee and 500ml of water.
  3. Fill your kettle with water (ideally freshly filtered) and boil.
  4. Start a timer and pour a small amount of water onto the coffee groundsto fully saturate them. If you’re making half a litre, about 25ml of water should do it. Allow the coffee to ‘bloom’ for 30 seconds (this means releasing its CO2, increasing in size and making small bubbles).
  5. Slowly pour the rest of the water over the coffee grounds in a circular motion. This should take about 1 ½ mins.
  6. Once all the coffee has drained into bottom of the Chemex, remove the filter with the coffee grounds and throw away (or, better yet, recycle  them).
  7. Enjoy! For the full fika experience, remember to add cake and good company.