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Organic Medium Roast

Roast and ground coffee
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Master the art.

We love the simplicity of the AeroPress. No fancy kit, no need to plug it in – just press and gå! It’s the ideal accompaniment to freshly ground beans if you want to make a barista-level coffee at home.

What you’ll need:


AeroPress filter paper


Kitchen scale

Ground coffee

Steps to becoming a mästare:

  1. Place a fresh filter paper into the AeroPress cap and secure the cap to the body. Position the press over your cup with the cap facing down into the cup.
  2. Pour some hot water through your AeroPress and then discard it (this step will heat everything up nicely and rinse the filter paper).
  3. Put your ground coffee into the AeroPress and then saturate with water – we recommend using 15g of Löfbergs coffee for every 150ml of water – then stir quickly a few times. If you’re grinding your coffee at home, we recommend a medium to fine grind size (comparative to caster sugar)
  4. Insert the plunger into the AeroPress body, then pull it up slightly to create a vacuum. After leaving the coffee to steep for 90 seconds, plunge the AeroPress. You may need to apply quite a lot of pressure, so make sure your cup doesn’t slip from under you!
  5. Enjoy your coffee strong and black, or top up with extra hot water and your choice of milk to taste.