Whether or not you like your coffee black or white, you will love it purple.

You are on your way to a beautiful cup of coffee.

With over 100 years’ experience, we’ve built a service that celebrates great tasting coffee and partners with the very best office coffee machine manufacturers in the industry. We can supply you with an office coffee machine from a brand we know, love and trust – these brands will turn our beans into a beautiful cup of coffee and do justice to the Löfbergs name.


For over a hundred years, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop and refine our coffee, creating a profile and quality that’s unique to the Löfbergs name.

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We’ve selected and partnered with the very best manufacturers in the industry.

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We always make sure our customers are properly looked after.

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Introducing the Hipster Brewer from 3Temp – taking filter coffee to the next level

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The perfect cup of coffee needs the perfect grind. Thanks to our CPA, that’s exactly what you get

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Swedish Fika at Amazon

Now you can find our Swedish Fika products at Amazon! Get you dose of great coffee from Sweden delivered to your door!

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