Power Coffee

Power Coffee

Power Coffee

Extremely powerful. Full bodied and slightly smoky with an intense taste and fruity finish.


As the name Power Coffee suggests, this is our heaviest and mightiest blend, created for those who prefer maximum flavour, aroma and intensity. Not for the faint hearted, it fills your palate and the sensation continues throughout your body. A dynamic blend, Power Coffee is equally delicious for making brewed coffee.


We set ourselves the challenge to achieve a taste experience that’s not just tough and robust, but also interesting, aromatic and modern. Through plenty of exploration, discovery and taste testing, we’ve chosen one of the most powerful coffee beans in existence – the ‘monsoon-exposed’ Monssoned Malabar from India. And for extra flavour and punch, we’ve blended it with a fresh, zesty and aromatic bean from Huehuetenango in Guatemala. A successful mix brought together as one.


By brewing and tasting a pure espresso, it’s possible to experience the two different bean taste sensations. If the first taste gives a powerful, dry and leathery fullness, you’re enjoying the Monsooned Malabar. If then you detect a fresh, intense floweriness and fruity finish, you’ve discovered the Guatemala bean.


More details

Country: Guatemala, India.

Regions: Huehuetenango, Karnataka.

Farm/Cooperative: Small-scale farms, mainly in cooperatives.

Aroma: Tobacco

Taste: This full-boded blend has a fruity acidity with intense notes of chocolate and tobacco.

Process: The washed method/monsooned.

Espresso: Roasted perfectly for espresso and excellent for brewed coffee.

Altitude: 900 – 1800 MASL.

Main varieties: SL 795, SL-9, SL-6, Caturra, Bourbon.

Contents: 100% Arabica. Whole coffee beans.

Power Coffee Goes well with: Spicy pastries and chocolate desserts. Very good with arrack punch, cognac and aged rum.


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