Published 7th May 2019 by Min Lee

From Ground to Ground: A Fully Sustainable Coffee Service

    At Löfbergs, we believe that if coffee comes from the ground, it should go back to the ground. That’s why we pioneered our Ground 2 Ground recycling scheme at this year’s London Coffee Festival, and over the course of the event saved 3.5 tonnes of ground coffee waste from ending up in landfill. Instead, it has now been ...

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Published 1st May 2019 by Min Lee

​Löfbergs wins the Bronze Award at SIAL Innovation 2019

    Löfbergs has won a prestigious Bronze Award at this year’s SIAL Innovation competition for our assortment of iced coffee. The prize was awarded at the SIAL Fair in Toronto, which is one of North America’s largest fairs for the food industry with over 1,000 exhibitors and 18,000 professional visitors. – ...

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Published 29th April 2019 by Min Lee

Find the Perfect Grind with our CPA

    As coffee lovers, we want our coffee to be perfect. In every detail. In every particle. Down to every last drop. At this year’s London Coffee Festival, we showcased a cutting-edge piece of equipment designed to achieve just that. The CPA (Coffee Particle Analyser) – which is under our sole ownership in the UK – is the ...

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Published 22nd March 2019 by Min Lee

The London Coffee Festival 2019: Our Coffee

With less than a week until we join forces with our sister company Percol at the London Coffee Festival 2019, we’re gearing up for what will no doubt be our biggest show of the year. The final touches are being put to the stand, our champion baristas are donning their aprons, and the Ground2Ground volunteers are ready and prepped. But first, ...

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Published 14th March 2019 by Min Lee

The London Coffee Festival 2019: Our Stand for Sustainability

    Coffee has received some negative press recently – and rightly so. In the UK, we produce and throw away 2.5 billion single use coffee cups every  year, of which less than 1% get recycled. In the retail market, over 100 million non-recyclable plastic coffee packs are used and produced every year – all destined for landfill or ...

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