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Keep Cool this Summer with our New Cold Coffee Concept



Cold Brew is set to be one of the hottest thing on coffee shop menus this summer. And with the modern coffee lover always looking to be the first with the latest, innovation is key.

With its rich flavour characteristics, careful craftsmanship, and strong energy boost, it’s no wonder that drinking Cold Brew neat is a coffee experience now savoured by so many. But it’s also valued for its great versatility when it comes to making cold coffee beverages and cocktails.

At this year’s London Coffee Festival, our Cold Brew Antioquia Reserve was chosen exclusively as the key ingredient for the Espresso Martinis served at all the bars. Well-balanced with fresh fruitiness, honey sweetness and hints of dark chocolate in the aftertaste, it made for an exquisite twist on the traditional espresso cocktail.

So what exactly is Cold Brew?

It’s coffee that has been brewed with cold fresh water over a long time. This creates a coffee concentrate you can then mix with cold water or milk.

Our Cold Brew coffee takes at least 16 hours to brew, using only cold, fresh Swedish water: this long extraction process reveals a beautifully soft taste and brings out the unique and refined aromas of the high-quality coffee beans:


Three distinct flavour offerings:

  • Cold Brew Antioquia Reserve – A full-bodied coffee with a mild and soft acidity, and a light honey sweetness in the aftertaste.
  • Cold Brew Ginger – The sweetness of this brew perfectly emphasizes the taste of ginger, and continues in the powerful aftertaste.
  • Cold Brew Licorice – A full-bodied coffee with a mild and soft acidity. The sweetness of the coffee balances the taste of licorice.

Cold Brew and beyond:

In recognition of an ever growing craving for ‘Cold Coffee’, we have been making great investments not only in developing our Cold Brew but also a range of different products and services in this particular category – with the launch of a completely new concept adjusted for restaurants, coffee bars and other players in the Out of Home market.

This service comprises new products for serving cold coffee beverages, menus and recipes, as well as innovative machine solutions. It’s about being able to offer the customer different varieties of iced coffee, cold brew coffee, Nitro, Creamy Cold Brew and Slush, to drink either on site – or to take away:

  • New products 

To facilitate this concept, we have developed a number of products specifically adjusted for the Out of Home market, for example our iced coffee and cold brew coffee in one-litre packages.

  • Menu and recipes

Tried and tested recipes and display materials to make it easy to prepare something really special, such as Cold Brew Caramel, Cold Brew Tonic or Ice Breeze.

Nitro low

  • Machines

We can also offer several machine solutions for serving innovative and tasty cold coffee beverages, including Nitro, Creamy Cold Brew and Slush on tap.

– “We want to encourage the development and become the leading player of cold coffee beverages in our home market. We – as well as our customers – are meeting a generation today that thinks and drinks coffee in completely new ways. If we’re to keep up, we must be innovative when it comes to both products and how to serve them.”

Leif Sjöblom, concept manager at Löfbergs

If you’re interested in getting innovative this summer with these iced offerings, feel free to get in touch for more information or to speak with one of our sales team.