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From Ground to Ground: A Fully Sustainable Coffee Service



At Löfbergs, we believe that if coffee comes from the ground, it should go back to the ground.

That’s why we pioneered our Ground 2 Ground recycling scheme at this year’s London Coffee Festival, and over the course of the event saved 3.5 tonnes of ground coffee waste from ending up in landfill.

Instead, it has now been composted and transformed into 2 tonnes of plant fertilizers: to begin a new lease of life back where it started.



A coffee plant can take up to 5 years to produce its first crop. A cup of coffee, on the other hand, only needs 5 minutes to fulfill its use. And then? Most of the used grounds will be thrown away, with a staggering 6 million tonnes sent to landfill every year across the globe!

As a business we strive not only to source, produce and package our coffee in a sustainable way, but also to secure a positive end to the used grounds after we’ve consumed our cups.

Achieving this circular economy has always been an integral part of the coffee experience we provide. Through our innovative GreenCup concept, we can deliver a coffee service that is fully sustainable and closed loop – all the way from bean to brew and beyond.



Our GreenCup blends are made from high-quality and speciality beans which we source from ethically-certified smallholder farms only, and which we roast in small batches here in the UK.

                                                                            …TO RESPONSIBLE RECYCLING

If you choose our GreenCup coffee, we will provide your business with bespoke coffee recycling containers. All you need to do is fill them up and we’ll do the rest, collecting the waste coffee grounds with our ethical GreenCup fleet.

The used coffee grounds are then taken to our rural micro-factory for further processing, before being adapted for use in one of our recycled coffee products: whether it’s organic soil nourisher, home fertilizer, fire logs, or our special high-quality material ‘Çurface’.

Made from waste coffee grounds and other 100% recycled ingredients, Çurface is ideally suited for table-tops and counters, which you can then install directly onsite in your café or workplace!

By upcycling spent grounds and extracting all the goodness from coffee waste, our GreenCup concept significantly reduces the carbon footprint of your coffee, as well as providing a great story for your staff and visitors to be inspired by!


“GreenCup’s unique concept has enabled us to deliver more than just fantastic coffee. Together we have created stunning furniture at our brand new SACRED Café:Bar at Westfield London. Bespoke table tops made using our own SACRED coffee grounds have helped us to deliver a fantastic story whilst reducing our carbon footprint.

It’s a big step in the right direction, and I believe all cafés should be looking at re-purposing where ever and whenever we can.”

Sacred Café


GreenCup is our UK-based artisan brand and now one of the UK’s most innovative concepts when it comes to coffee waste. If your café, restaurant or workplace is looking to become more sustainable as a business, GreenCup could be the perfect blend for you. Please get in touch for further details, or check out our GreenCup website for more information.