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Find the Perfect Grind with our CPA



As coffee lovers, we want our coffee to be perfect. In every detail. In every particle. Down to every last drop. At this year’s London Coffee Festival, we showcased a cutting-edge piece of equipment designed to achieve just that.

The CPA (Coffee Particle Analyser) – which is under our sole ownership in the UK – is the world’s first optical measuring tool to provide an accurate grind size, directly on site.

It’s long been known that the grind size of ground coffee is one of the factors that most affects the quality and flavour of the finished cup – whether it’s espresso, filter brew or any other method of preparation. Too coarse and the coffee will taste weak; too fine and the coffee will taste bitter.

It’s no wonder then that coffee particle analysis has been a key focal point for several manufacturers in the past, either through the traditional method of sieving, or through the process of laser diffraction. But never has this been possible directly at cafés, restaurants or other locations.


With our CPA, you’ll be able to achieve much greater precision in determining particle size, and as a result, deliver consistently great-tasting coffee to your customers.

The device works by placing small samples of ground coffee in a gauge which, thanks to a wireless connection to smartphones, tablets or computers, will produce analysis results upon the display screen within seconds.

This revolutionary piece of equipment is the result of a major R&D investment that we undertook in partnership with Swedish coffee equipment manufacturer 3Temp, maker of the Hipster Batch Brewer  – which we are also able to offer as part of our range.


“The CPA came about from our ambition to provide coffee shops with a neat and compact solution for measuring the grind size directly on their premises. Following two years of developing the technology with 3Temp, we’re delighted to be the exclusive suppliers of the CPA within the UK market, and to be able to offer it as part of our existing range of high-grade equipment and services.”  

Wilson Clarke, Managing Director

If you would like more information on the CPA or a demo from one of our sales team, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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