Ethiopian Sidamo Espresso Coffee

Ethiopian Sidamo Espresso Coffee


Intense citrus aromas, complex spicy notes and fresh acidity in the finish.


Among coffee connoisseurs, Ethiopian Sidamo Espresso Coffee is regarded as one of the coffee world’s most unique personalities. When you taste it, you’ll see why – coffee beans of this quality offer a characteristic and unmistakably intense citrus aroma.


Although Ethiopian beans aren’t common in espresso coffee, the fact remains that the espresso machine is where virus aromas truly blossom. This is because they’re concentrated and retained in the crema. Inhale the delicious aroma as you would a good wine, and you’ll be captivated; you don’t need to be professional to appreciate it.


In the Sidamo highlands in southern Ethiopia, the beans are cultivated using ancient ecological methods in cooperatives made up of small family farms. They grow at a high altitude and are washed immediately after being handpicked, which reinforces their stylistically pure and elegant character.


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Country: Ethiopia.

Region: Sidamo.

Cooperative: Sidama.

Aroma: Chocolate and citrus.

Taste: A remarkable fresh acidity with intense notes of citrus and a complex spicy finish.

Process: The washed method, sun-dried on African beds.

Espresso: Roasted perfectly for espresso and excellent for brewed coffee.

Altitude: 1700 – 2000 masl.

Variety: Native Arabica.

Contents: 100% Arabica. Whole coffee beans. Fairtrade and EU Organic certified.

Ethiopian Sidamo Espresso Coffee  Goes well with: Milk chocolate based pastries and desserts and light fruity flavours, especially tropical fruit. Excellent with aged rum, calvados and whisky.




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