Carnival Espresso Coffee


Coffee beans with Brazilian sweetness and notes of nougat and marzipan.


For over a hundred years, Brazil has been the world’s largest coffee producer. It’s not surprising – thanks to their sweetness and balance, Brazilian beans make a delicious espresso or brewed coffee.


Carnival Espresso Coffee is created using naturally processed Fairtrade certified beans from the COOPASV cooperative, among a few other carefully chosen cooperatives. The flavour, whilst characteristic of its origin, has an exclusive taste, giving additional sweetness and complex aromas.


To create even more interest and flavour, we’ve blended our Brazilian beans with the fresh fruitiness of Ethiopia’s Sidamo coffee, the delicate spiciness of Sumatran Mandheling coffee and the unmistakeable bouquet of Colombian coffee. The result is a sweet, soft and full espresso with low acidity and aromas of nougat and marzipan.


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Country: Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia, Indonesia.

Main regions: Minas Gerais, Sidamo, Sumatra.

Cooperative: Small-scale family farms in cooperatives.

Aroma: Almond.

Taste: A sweet, round and well-balanced blend, with notes of nougat and marzipan.

Process: The wet and natural method.

Espresso: Roasted perfectly for espresso and excellent for brewed coffee.

Altitude: 900 – 2000 masl.

Main varieties: Mundo Novo, Native Arabica, Caturra, Bourbon.

Contents: 100% Arabica. Whole coffee beans. Fairtrade Certified.

Kenya AA Coffee Goes well with: Light pastries, desserts, chocolate and nuts. Also superb with cognac, calvados or whisky.




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