Organic and Fairtrade Coffee

For over a hundred years, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop and refine our organic coffee, creating a profile and quality that’s unique to the Löfbergs name.


Involved in every aspect of the coffee making process, we’re able to draw on the knowledge of the generations before us so that we can adapt to changing weather, temperature and other external conditions. This means the fairtrade coffee we produce remains unique and consistent.


Discovering the very best coffee requires exploration…


We spend more than 150 days a year visiting coffee farmers throughout the world, where we see and taste the beans firsthand. And because sometimes the very best organic coffee grows in the most difficult to reach places, our passion and determination sees us forfeiting the comfort of four wheels to climb remote mountains by foot.


During these trips, we’re able to carefully select the finest beans before buying them directly from the farmers. We can also find out about future harvests, understand any challenges the cooperatives may be facing and carry out spot checks on adherence to our Code of Conduct.


Good coffee comes from good relationships


The relationships we have with our farmers are long standing. There are examples of those we have bought coffee from since the 1960s – that’s more than 50 years. This longevity allows us to ensure absolute fairtrade coffee quality, creating taste experiences you will not find elsewhere.


And to ensure we stay true to the evolving tastes of our customers, we maintain a close relationship with them, too, allowing us to fine-tune our production to meet their preferences.




All our beans have world-class tastes and aromas, with no added extras. Whether it’s short and smooth espresso or long and lingering filter coffee, each coffee we bring you has its own characteristics depending on where and how the beans are grown and harvested.




Our very own Master Roasters and experienced tasters share our passion for perfection. We would venture to say we’re world leaders when it comes to consistent high quality coffee roasting, bringing you exquisite organic coffee that’s fresh, complex and smooth.




There are many different brewing methods, from cafetiere and fresh brew to espresso and even cold brew. Whatever the method, they all have one thing in common – if it’s done correctly, the true taste of the fairtrade coffee will be released. We’re passionate about the brewing process, which is why we offer our customers top quality Barista Training. It’s about having the knowledge and expertise to fulfill each bean’s potential.


Our coffee is certified


The name ‘Löfbergs’ is a guarantee that the coffee is responsibly grown, ethically traded and environmentally roasted to capture all the fantastic flavours that set us apart.


Since 1906, we’ve taken our responsibility for people and the environment very seriously, bringing you coffee with a conscience. We can say with great pride that we’re one of the world’s largest buyers of Fairtrade Organic coffee. Never ones to drag our heels, our goal is to have 100% of all our coffee certified by 2016.


We want you to buy the coffee that’s right for you, so you’re very welcome to try before you buy. Simply get in touch and we’ll arrange a coffee tasting.