Office Filter Coffee Machines

Freshly brewed for small, medium and high coffee quantities…

Our Office Filter Coffee Machines keep the coffee fresh for up to four hours, which means the coffee can be consumed as and when it’s needed, from a few cups here and there to high demand at peak times.


Our Office Filter Coffee Machines are convenient and easy to operate, filter brewed coffee is a journey into the world of aromatic flavours and exquisite acidity – a fantastic addition to any coffee break!


Coffee Queen by Crem International
For freshly brewed coffee, automatic espresso and instant coffee. With development and production in their own factories, Coffee Queen offer modern and innovative coffee and beverage solutions for tomorrow’s needs in hotels, restaurants and cafés, at work and in public spaces, where only the best is good enough.


The Original You Can Trust
Coffee Queen Original is a complete series of our office filter coffee machines. Coffee machines that, for decades, have earned a reputation in cafés, restaurants, hotels and other environments where guests are served good coffee. The office filter coffee machines are built based on proven technology that has been complemented and refined over the years with new innovations. The result is a coffee machine that you can rely on and that you will enjoy for years and years to come.

  • Coffee Queen Single & Double Plate Pour & Serve

    Available with both manual and automatic water filling. The brewers have hotplates and the brewers with automatic water supply have electronic timers and a signal when the coffee is ready. The brewing volume, 4-12 cups, is easy to adjust at the fr...

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  • Coffee Queen Mega Gold Brewer

    Coffee Queen Mega Gold brews straight into an elegant 2.5 litre serving station (thermos) with tap and level indicator tube. Since no external heat is supplied, the coffee retains its excellent taste and aroma for a long time.


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  • Coffee Queen Thermos M and A

    With Coffee Queen Thermos M and A you brew your coffee directly into a practical 2,2 litre air pot. Handy when you need to keep the coffee warm as well as retain its taste and aroma. Remove the thermos from the coffee brewer and position it where ...

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  • Coffee Queen Tower

    Is a quick easy to use urn brewer with tea water outlet. With its high capacity and ease of use, it also makes coffee easy to serve at really large


    Coffee Queen Tower brews coffee directly into 5 litre serving st...

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  • Coffee Queen HVA and HVM Hot Water Dispensers

    Coffee Queen HVA and HVM automatic hot water dispenser is the perfect companion for our Original brewers, or if you want to be able to serve tea or cafetiere coffee quickly and easily. The Coffee Queen hot water dispenser has high capacity and aut...

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