Our Coffee Beans

Coffee grows best in tropical climates around the equator where there is an even temperature and precipitation. There are two main types of coffee commercially grown: Coffea Arabica and Coffea Robusta. Of these counts often arabica coffee as the absolute finest coffee resort. Within each subspecies there are also many variations of varieties and crosses. The differences in taste depends not only on tree species but also the soil, the climate and how careful management is.


Only the best beans


We buy only carefully selected raw coffee beans of the highest quality from most corners of the world. For most products we use only tall Coffea Arabica, which is characterized by its soft, aromatic, complex flavor profile. For a few selected products for customers who request it, we also use high quality Coffea Robusta for its special flavor contribution and characteristics.


Coffee arabica


The original species from Ethiopia. The coffee is very demanding to grow as it grows high up on the mountain slopes and is a relatively sensitive species. Today is grown Arabica beans in many countries and represent approximately 60 percent of all coffee grown. The flavor profile is soft and aromatic, which has made it the most popular in our part of the world and command usually a higher price. Coffea Arabicadelas substantially into the “washed” and “unwashed” depending on the process method used to separate the coffee berry from the bean.


Other types of coffee


A more resistant variety is Coffee Robusta and grown at lower altitudes. This bean has a slightly different shape, more round. Robusta bean is rich but have less complex and bitter character. The flavors are roasted Robusta often also harder. Coffea Robusta divided essentially into the “washed” and “unwashed” depending on the process method used to separate the coffee berry from the bean.


There is also a more or less a wild growing kaffeart, Libericabönan, which currently has no commercial significance. Occurs mainly in West Africa.