Coffee Variants

A single espresso, cappuccino or flat white? On a coffee menu at a cafe there are lots of different coffees to order. Below you can see the most common coffee variants, perhaps you dare to order something new next time.




Made in an espresso machine where hot water under high pressure through the coffee powder. 25-35 ml, by a solid crema.




A single espresso with just over half the amount of water




An espresso that has run longer, a simple espresso with close to double the amount of water




An espresso + equal amount of hot water




A single espresso, one third steamed milk and one third frothed milk, 150-180 ml.




Double espresso in a tall glass filled with steamed milk with a little milk foam on top.


Flat White


Double espresso with hot frothed milk, served in the cappuccino cup.




Double espresso with as much hot frothed milk