Five Steps to Brewing Really Good Coffee

Coffee taste is very individual and can vary greatly depending on where, when and how coffee drinking. Therefore, we think you should try your way through cooking methods, roasts and blends.


1) Keep a cool dark place


Your coffee beans are picked by hand, at high altitude in any of the countries around the equator. Then they have traveled far and long. How to treat your coffee with love and respect. It deserves it. And remember that ground coffee beans are sensitive. If the bag is open destroyed the delicate aromas quickly. Have therefore left the coffee in the original packaging and store it in a tightly sealed jar, preferably in the refrigerator.


2) Nurture your coffee maker


To the coffee should taste really good, it is important that your brewer feel good. Keep it clean and descale regularly. And you have the ability to control the temperature. Coffee should be brewed in high temperature for all the flavors to be released. Ideally, water should be between 92 and 96 degrees. If you have a brewer with too low a temperature, it is better to boil water and pour over the coffee through a filter funnel.


3) Add the correct amount


Your coffee usually consists of a mixture of many different kinds of good beans. To make it taste as good as possible, it is important to dispense the right amount. Use a coffee scoop or one heaping tablespoon per cup. Do you want a stronger coffee so choose rather a darker roast instead of taking an extra measure of coffee or two.


4) Try something new


Many of us are creatures of habit and usually drink the same good coffee. But now and then I think you should dare to try something new. Do you brew your coffee, so try to boil or use a pressokanna. Try to grind your beans yourself (or came into the roastery and we will help you). Do you drink usually medium roast, try a darker roast. By testing various methods of preparation and roasting degrees, you will surely discover new delicious flavors!


5) Close your eyes and enjoy


Coffee is like saying a really handicrafts and works really well as a stimulant (though some use it as fuel to be alert). So use all your senses. Smell and taste. Or close your eyes next time you have a hot, fragrant cup in front of you. Dream away to the colorful Brazilian coffee plantations, Andean green hillsides or the slopes of Mount Kenya. And enjoy!