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The coffee you serve is a reflection of your business, and nowadays expectations are high. A great coffee delights and a terrible coffee disappoints. Consistent delight is key, which is why our barista training is focused on your team producing great coffee time after time. We can train individual staff or train the trainers; either way our packages will ensure your coffee always gets it right.


Coffee isn’t just a hot drink, it’s an art


From the moment the coffee cherry is picked, to the final cup, every stage is vital to achieving a delicious end result. Which is why we’ve created the Löfbergs Training Academy – to turn coffee lovers into professional baristas that can do justice to our beans.

Our professional baristas draw on Löfbergs’ 100 years’ experience to give candidates an exceptional understanding of the industry and how to make professional standard coffee.

City & Guilds Accredited


Carried out at either the Lofbergs Training Academy or your own site, we cover the ins and outs of the coffee world, including the different types of beans, grinding, frothing, brewing methods, coffee art and machine knowledge. We also cover customer service and best working practice – both vital in the quest for the best.


And because we’ve always got our finger on the coffee industry’s pulse, we divulge the latest and greatest innovations to give candidates an insight they won’t find elsewhere.

Get on the job experience


To ensure each coffee made is a work of art, get in touch and we’ll talk you through your training options. Whether it’s just one candidate or an army of soon-to-be baristas, we’ll be delighted to bring you up to Lofbergs standards.

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